Nutri Green Banana Powder

February 12, 2018by admin0

Green Banana powder?

Green banana flour is one of hot trends for healthy lifestyle. There are lots of beautiful reasons for us to consume green banana flour.
Today our team will disclose benefits of green banana flour.
Green banana flour rich in potassium. Potassium play vital roles in maintains proper heart health and reduces blood pressure.
Besides potassium, green banana flour also high in magnesium that’s important for controlling muscle movements and convert food to energy.
Green banana flour is gluten-free. Whoever have intolerance with gluten can consume it without any worries.
Green banana flour high with resistant starch. Resistant starch is slowly processed and control sugar blood.
One tablespoon of banana flour provides;
10.5 % recommend daily intake of magnesium
9.5 % recommend daily intake of potassium
9.5 % recommend daily intake of fiber
5 % of recommend daily intake of vitamin E
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