Creamy Red Capsicum Herb Pasta by Secret Barn

February 13, 2018by admin0

1 pack Secret Barn Herb Pasta (Black Pepper)

5 medium size of prawns

200gm red capsicum *

50gm garlic *

100gm shallot *

*blend fined

3 spoons olive oil

100 gm white shitake mushroom (sliced)

½ cup cooking cream

¼ cup fruit vinegar

1 table spoon brown sugar

Salt to taste


  1. Cook HERB PASTA BLACK PEPPER in boiling water until the pasta is chewable ( Al dente)
  2. Heat the pan at moderate temperatures with olive oil and fry fresh prawns until it is almost cooked, set aside. Fry the blend fined ingredients to get aroma
  3. Reduce the fire, add the cooking cream, fruit vinegar and brown sugar. Mix well
  4. Put the white shitake mushroom and salt to taste, mix well.
  5. Then put HERB PASTA BLACK PEPPER in the pan and mix well.

Put in the dish and place fried prawns on top of pasta.


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