Demonstration for Nutri Powder + Grains Series

February 21, 2019by admin

Morning to all moms out there!

Make your own nutritional and natural baby food at home by using our NUTRI POWDER SERIES;

NUTRI POWDER SERIES + GRAINS SERIES will make your life become easier.

If you looking for
Our best killer product is pumpkin powder + instant white rice.
You can mix both of the ingredients with hot water and its ready to feed your baby.
Within 10 minutes you can prepare healthy food for your little cutie.

For more details, just contact our team at;

04-444 6636 (Office)
013- 414 2150 (Nadiah)
012-537 5003 (Aimie)
019 365 7876 (Hazreen)
013-589 4490 (Nurul)

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